We are women

Since our childhood between barrels and winemaking in our blood, the Fifth Generation appears, offering a more youthful stage full of freshness and innovation, which is fully linked to the traditions of our ancestors.

Taking advantage of more than a century of history in Bodegas Cañaveras, it is now that the female sector takes a step forward in this complicated sector in one of the silent revolutions that, as women, we have carried out.

We love our work

We are aware of the complexity of the sector, we have assumed the enormous responsibility of continuing to fight for what we believe in and project our product to the world.

With humility as a premise and perseverance as a discipline we started a small family “revolution”, offering wines with their own personality.

With our feet on the ground

Yes, because the ground gives us strength and balance and allows us to see with perspective where we start from and where we want to go.

From the ground because it is the origin of what we are. From our calcareous and quartzite terroir, our vines emerge to, year after year, offer us the fruit that gives rise to everything we represent.

We have our feet on the ground!

And maybe you are thinking why

we affirm that our wines have

own personality, right?

Here yor have the answer…


On an aspect of arid and stony land hides the true secret of our wines: the terroir. A calcareous soil rich in organic and mineral nutrients that gives it unique characteristics for growing vines.

Variety selected

The personality of each of our wines comes, initially, from a careful selection of grape varieties that, at all times, are best suited to the type of wine we want to create.

Selected harvest

The harvest is one of the most decisive processes in the final result of the wine. For this reason, we carry out a selected harvest, collecting only those bunches that are at the optimum moment of maturity, in boxes of no more than 14 kg.

Traditional elaboration

We continue to maintain our most ancestral elaboration in the elaboration of our wines. Our centenary winery still keeps the musts in their clay jars.

Knowledge and experience

With over 130 years that mark our history, we have learned from our mistakes and improved our successes. Only in this way have we managed to make our wines a benchmark of quality.

Parenting and aging

We select only those wines that we know will be aged in oak barrels to continue their natural evolution until we achieve a balanced wine and… with its own personality.

Selection and coupage

Wines do not always behave in the same way, nor are their aromas and characteristics the same year after year. Therefore, at every moment we analyze and elaborate each wine in a unique way, to obtain that wine that you are waiting for..

Wine for every moment

Because we have selected each of our wines with you in mind. Because we offer you fresh and suitable wines for tapas with friends, like those others that ask you for a moment of privacy to stimulate your senses.

Our history

Over the years …



The hard beginning

It all started when our great-great-grandfather Francisco Antonio exchanged hard hours at a neighboring farm in exchange for a tiny terrace where he grew few vines, giving him a great harvest that year.



The origin

In that year, Mr. Juan Antonio Cañaveras founded the winery with only one ancient press and few hectares, cultivating his first vines hand in hand; taking advantage of the fruit and cultivation of its predecessor back in 1848.



Grandpa Antonio

Mr. Antonio Cañaveras Castro whose spirit, entrepreneurial character and constant work managed to familiarize him with the best vineyards in those historic Lands of Castilla, our best production area.



A step forward

From here, Mr. Antonio Cañaveras Bravo, is aware of the need to adapt new technologies in our production processes and to begin a deep transformation process in the company.



5th generation

Laura and Ana, Cañaveras´sisters, we have taken the last family witness with a great dose of responsibility for the legacy that we represent but with the conviction to improve, even more if possible, the diffusion and variety of our wines.

For these reasons we offer you..


A wine for every occasion,
an occasion for each wine

Our Philosophy


We think that it is possible to make wines that are capable of surprising you and that awaken in you a new reference to be part of the different moments of your life.


We are professional viticulturists who love our work and dare to create different sincere, frank and balanced wines that identify you.


We create our wines from the origin, from the vineyard and we continue it throughout the production process until its bottling so that it expresses its maximum oenological potential.


Wines, like life itself, evolves unstoppably. Not only in its longevity, but also in consumer habits. For this reason, we create wines that accompany our journey.

If we have already convinced you …

And if all this is not enough for you …

We leave you the opinions of our clients so that you finish convincing yourself that … Possibly, you have found the wine you were looking for.

María Teresa Jiménez Arias

I have tasted one of the best Chardonays in recent years. The LaurAna Chardonay is a round wine, with very specific nuances and character. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised and will ask again as soon as I have the chance. It is a pleasure to see the very high level of quality of our La Mancha wines. Congratulations, girls!

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Nestor Ojeda

A family winery with many years of experience and two professionals under their care Laura and Ana making one innovative wines with a very special flavor with the essence of a small winery, any wine is worth trying.

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Javier N. Barranco

To say that LaurAna wine is magnificent does not surprise almost anyone because they have been, for many years, a reference in the production of signature wine. In these Christmas holidays, it has been our wine for those most special moments. I recommend it without a doubt.

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Julia Maldonado

Spectacular wineries, the most beautiful I have seen!
We stopped in town just to eat and in the restaurant they served us a glass of wine that we loved (and see that my partner is not very wine…) because talking to the owner of the restaurant, one of the commercials of the restaurant appeared. winery (the girl was super nice) and invited us to a tasting they had that day. I have to say that I am more red than white, but which one I tried better…
Girls I give you a 10! For your charm and for your wines !! Keep up the good work and you will go very far !!! Thanks!

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