Centennial winery

The winery and its facilities have been framed in the enclosure of a century-old mansion where the traditional Jaraiz coexists in perfect harmony with the most advanced technology in winemaking.

Its subterranean depth populated by oak barrels stands out, where you can breathe its peculiar scent of grapes and wood.


The Origin…

They were hard times, they were other times… 

Years in which there were no market strategies or social networks … Winters in which if something predominated was hunger and the struggle to work.

Despite this, we continue to maintain our most ancestral production in the creation of our wines. Our centenary winery still keeps the musts in their clay jars.

We maintain our facilities, still in use, as they have been in use for more than a century.

The masterful combination between ancestral tradition and new technologies allow us to obtain a unique product.

The automation and implementation of the latest technology in winemaking is a constant in the company in order to achieve the highest quality in all our products.

Quality control in each and every one of the production processes is the maximum guarantee of our work.

As a consequence, our resulting wines obtain the best qualification in terms of quality and balance.

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The Process…

The art of crafting

The automation and protocolization of all functions in the winery’s production process guarantee strict traceability that gives our wines an extra quality.

Selected harvest

Picking only those grapes that are at the optimum moment of maturity, in boxes of no more than 14 kg.


The fruits are gently squeezed in our presses to break the peels to start releasing the juice. This selective pressing allows the skin to be squeezed without crushing the seeds.


Selective separation of musts and constant control of each variety to select the best wines


Controlled fermentation, with registration of all processes, allows us to obtain the varietal character of each type of grape

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And the Aging…

Each wine has its time…

Aging wine in French oak barrels is not a question of fashion. It is a matter of flavor and aromas.

Oak barrels give the wine special characteristics due to the capillary oxygenation that the wood allows and causes the slow oxidation of the wine that contains it. Besides, there is the transfer of aromas and nuances that the oak confers on the wine.

Every year, we select only those wines that we know will be aged in oak barrels to continue their natural evolution until we achieve a balanced wine and … with its own personality.

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

12 Months

14 Months

Knowing what you want


As a winemaker and viticulturist, and of course as a woman, I have always been motivated to overcome challenges.

Each year, each new vintage, supposes for us a new objective consisting of getting the best expression of our wines.

An enormous responsibility full of emotion and uncertainty addresses us because we want to improve our wines and, also, because we have created the commitment to create a wine for each moment and that this is the one you are looking for.

For all this, I am convinced that our wines can surprise you because we have created them thinking of you and for every moment of your life.

Find out what I’m telling you!

And remember the quality of our wines

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Tierra de Castilla wines