Bodegas Cañaveras at Javier Huertas

At Bodegas Antonio Cañaveras, we have a special interest in gastronomy, as an intrinsic part of tasting and our wines.

For this reason, our wines have been part of personalized recipes by great kitchen chefs who have done their best to combine an excellent quality raw material with our most exclusive wines.

On this occasion it is the prestigious chef, Javier Huertas, from the Santa Cruz Restaurant, in Santa Cruz de Mudela

As we have indicated, the chef, Javier Huertas gives us this recipe …

Deer tournedó stuffed with chocolate over raspberry sauce with Karkom saffron honey, forest fruit tears and chocolate rain.


Deer tournedo
52% chocolate
Game juice
Agar agar
Sal Maldón
Karkom saffron honey
Olive oil


Tournedó. It cleanses well of nerves, opens into a booklet and is filled with chocolate. Wrap in glass. When assembling the plate, immerse it in water at 80º for 10 minutes.

Sauce: Poach the shallot and add raspberries, flambé with brandy, reduce and cover with game juice, bring to a boil, season, add the Karkom saffron honey and thicken.

Tears of fruits of the forest: A juice is made with the different fruits and they are mixed with instangel and agar agar.

Assembling the dish: Put the raspberry sauce in the bottom, place the sirloin on top and decorate with the tears of berries and chocolate rain.